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Providing personalized, quality, memorable events....

Let us do all the work, with your vision, and bring that ONE special moment together with a lifetime of memories. Planning the event is all inclusive with everything regarding phone calls, calendars & budets:

Sourcing vendors 

  • Completion of their arrival

  • Manage payments

  • Discuss requested services


  • Schedule meetings with client

  • Assist with any decision making plans 

  • Phone A Friend...we are here to listen and offer our expert opinions in any way possible.


Designated to keep the event timely & organized. For full execution of your day, a work order form will be created and provided for vendors once you have signed off on the final details.

Schedule Event

  • Generate a timeline with you

  • Communicate with Venue

  • Create a Work Order Form

Collaborate with Venue

  • Provide a timeline for the Venue 

  • Visit the venue before the event date

  • Contact the venue as needed


From Fabulously Fancy to Rustic Chic, no one wants a stenciled event. We want to make sure you and your guests have a unique experience. It's always the "little things" that make your event memorable.


Design & Execution

  • Arrive a minimum of 4 hours before the event or as early as needed

  • Furnish our in house decorations to style your venue of choice

  • If additional or special items are needed, we will discuss the best solution for rental or additional purchases.


Thank you so much for everything!! we appreciate you so much!! - e.e.


Best bridal shower ever! I literally couldn't have asked for more! - m.s.



Laura has planned large and small events since 2010; weddings, birthday celebrations, fundraisers, corporate events, and more. Her passion is focused on the personal details that belong to each client, ensuring there is no cookie cutter event. She has also expanded her creative niche with Lone Creek Breed; boho inspired hats.

Beyond the work, it is Laura's belief that anyone can change the world with a single thumbprint. She continues to give back, and give a hand up to a variety of charities while donating her planning & organization skills to host successful fundraising events so the organization can remain focused on their mission. Click here to view her upcoming chartable events.

When Laura is not working, she is chasing down two very busy & involved kids, working with her husband on the ranch, and taking care of her mother.

Meet The Owner
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