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The Full Story - Team How To Save A Life

Team "How To Save A Life" was inspired by my brother, Geraldo Juarez. My brother died of a brain aneurysm, and when I took the walk down the hall with him to the elevator as his organs were going to be preserved, I played The Frey. It seemed fitting as my brother was donating 4 organs, saving 4 lives. I celebrate him when I can; a Marine Corps Veteran, humanitarian, and unconditionally loving father. My brother was diagnosed with lupus.

My mission as a candidate for Visionary of the Year is all about "the call." That one phone call that changes your life forever. The same call I received at 3:34 pm 10/7/21 before I booked a flight to Seattle, the same call my mother received when she needed to discuss "the treatment plan", the same call I got when my cervical biopsy came back, and the same call my other family members received for other cancers or autoimmune diseases. Additionally, I am currently a part time caregiver for my mother, diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure as a result of the diabetes medication she took for 25 years.

My pledge with this team is to generate over 50K of funding for medical research. It is clear, my familial medical history is extensive, including myself. That being said, every one of these diagnosises is related to the millions of blood cells inside all of us. The mutations, the life within viruses, other foreign bodies, and genetics that need to be researched so we can work towards prevention of "the call." 

Did you know, LLS funds clinical trials with Bone Cancer, Brain Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney Cancer, Lupus Nephritis, Melanoma, Multiple Sclerosis, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer & more! 

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10 weeks of fundraising begins in March of 2024

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